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 Mycorrhizal associations made by Glomeromycotan fungi area unit called arbuscular mycorrhizas, or vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizas (formerly conjointly endomycorrhizas, or endotrophic mycorrhizas) and area unit abbreviated as VAM here. there's disagreement concerning whether or not arbuscular mycorrhizas or vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizas is that the most applicable name to, as a result of some fungi don't manufacture vesicles, however arbuscules aren't systematically accustomed determine associations (i.e. they're absent in myco-heterotrophs and older roots) (see Section 10). These associations involve primitive fungi within the Glomeromycota and a good diversity of plants, as explained at the top of this Section. Parts of association’s area unit illustrated below with details within the following sub-sections.   VA mycorrhizas are shaped by members of all phyla of land plants. The fungous symbionts seem to be restricted to comparatively few genera within the order Glomales (Zygomycetes). These ar apparently asexual organisms, with variation captivated with mutation and, possibly, on heterokaryosis. The cluster is maybe of terribly ancient origin (350–460 million years BP), indicated each by the fossil record and by polymer sequences of living members. The mutualism is additionally ancient and will have vie a crucial role in colonisation of the land. the quantity of species of contemporary plants forming VA mycorrhizas is extremely giant and their diversity is respectable, not solely in classification position however conjointly in organic structure and geographical distribution. nonwoody plants, shrubs and trees of temperate and tropical habitats might all kind VA mycorrhizas and there's very little proof for specificity between explicit fungi and host plants. solely a number of families and genera of plants don't usually kind VA mycorrhizas and even in these some members ar ofttimes found to be inhabited above all habitats. the dearth of specificity within the relationships has necessary consequences

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