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 Trace organic chemicals embody a variety of compounds that, thanks to a mix of their physico-chemical properties and toxicologic implications, are delineate as a heavy threat to the organic phenomenon surroundings. a worldwide pact to manage the manufacture and unleash of a number of the foremost persistent trace chemicals has been publicized  and signed. The marine surroundings is a vital sink for several trace chemicals, a number of that accumulate within the marine organic phenomenon and specially in marine mammals. With relevance the world distribution of trace organic chemicals, the amount of organohalogen compounds within the hemisphere area unit relatively lower for a given environmental compartment and latitude compared to the hemisphere. A dialogue is presently evolving regarding the toxicity of other group substitutions like element rather than gas and conjointly of mixed group substitution. Recently a series of doubtless natural bioaccumulative and protracted organohalogen chemicals are found in marine mammals and turtles at levels in far more than those of phylogenesis trace organochlorines as well as PCBs and DDE. very little is thought regarding the sources, behaviour and effects of natural trace organic chemicals. This manuscript presents an summary on the prevalence of trace organic chemicals in several compartments of the aquatic surroundings. necessary information gaps with regards to trace chemicals within the marine surroundings area unit given 

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