Social Networking :

 The system of creating, building, and nurturing virtual groups and relationships between humans online. Social networking is the practice of increasing the range of one's commercial enterprise and/or social contacts by making connections thru people, frequently through social media sites which include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.   Social networking revolves permits like-minded people to be in contact with each other the usage of web sites and web-based totally applications. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and LinkedIn are examples of social networking web sites. The definition of the term “social network” is still very loose, as it's far still a fantastically new technology that’s situation to fast changes.   While social networking has long past on nearly as long as societies themselves have existed, the unparalleled capacity of the Web to facilitate such connections has brought about an exponential and ongoing enlargement of that phenomenon. In addition to social media platforms, the capability for social interplay and collaboration is more and more constructed into enterprise applications.   Natural stratification and sheer reputation are what defines foremost social networks today. Users voluntarily join with each other while they percentage some thing in not unusual. For example, users may additionally know each different personally, or they take place to proportion a common interest. Moreover, these sites have grown to deal with a large number of users. FaceBook by myself has over a half-billion users. Internet entrepreneurs see these two tendencies as a possibility to tap their ability.