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 Modern chemistry describes the composition, structure and physical and chemical properties of is  aim of contemporary chemistry is to boost the communication and language among the scientists, researchers, engineers and policy manufacturers, who are working underneath the world of contemporary chemistry. Chemistry is fun! Their area unit millions of fascinating chemistry comes you'll be able to do victimization common everyday materials. Chemistry comes do not simply go boom. They glow within the dark, modification color, produce bubbles and alter states of reaction Drugs work thanks to chemistry. The chemical compounds might work into the binding website for natural chemicals in our body (e.g., block pain receptors) or might attack chemicals found in pathogens, however not human cells (e.g., antibiotics). Cooking may be an activity that alters food to create it additional tasteful, kill dangerous microorganisms, and build it additional light. The warmth of change of state might denature proteins, promote chemical reactions between ingredients, and caramelize sugars, etc..  

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