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Molecular imaging & dynamics, molecular medication & therapeutics, bimolecular research & therapeutics, molecular enzymology and drug targets, molecular pharmaceutics & natural system studies, magazine of molecular modeling, journal of molecular graphics and modeling, magazine of chemical information and modelingolecular modeling is a set of (computer primarily based) techniques for deriving, representing and manipulating the systems and reactions of molecules, and those homes that are depending on these three dimensional systems. This lecture path targets to introduce in a simple way the hierarchy of computational modeling strategies used in recent times as general tools by using natural chemists for attempting to find, rationalizing and predicting shape and reactivity of natural, bio-natural and organometallic molecules. The emphasis will be on helping to develop a experience for the best "tool" to use in the context of a standard problem in shape, interest or reactivity, via describing the constraints and strengths of each approach. Molecular modelling encompasses all techniques, theoretical and computational, used to model or mimic the behavior of molecules the techniques are used within the fields of computational chemistry, drug layout, computational biology and materials technological know-how to study molecular systems starting from small chemical structures to large biological molecules and fabric assemblies. The simplest calculations may be finished by way of hand, however         

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