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A specialty within nursing is psychiatric mental health nursing. Psychiatric patients need Nurses to help. Registered nurses on psychiatric mental wellbeing consult with patients , families, associations and organizations to determine their mental health needs. The PMHN establishes a clinical diagnosis and treatment plan, conducts the nursing process and assesses it for effectiveness. Psychiatric Mental Health Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (PMH-APRNs) provide the psychiatric-mental health population with primary care services. PMH-APRNs assess, diagnose, and treat individuals and families with mental disorders or the potential for such disorders using their broad range of clinical skills like drug prescribing and psychotherapy administration. Often, PMH-APRNs own private practices and businesses, as well as work with individuals, governments, legislators and companies. The best journals are academic publications which are peer reviewed. To meet the insistent need of the scientific community, these include high quality, carefully reviewed and rapid dissemination. All journals are indexed with all of the citations they have mentioned.    

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