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 The study of controlling the flow of electrical energy with the help of electronic circuits is defined as Power Electronics. The subject of Power Electronics is the merger of the field of electrical power system and solid state electronic devices. It is the discipline that involves the study, analysis, and design of circuits that convert electrical energy from one form to another. Difference between the linear Electronics and Power Electronics The specifications in linear Electronics are Gain and Bandwidth. Whereas the specifications in Power Electronics are Efficiency and Distortion. Power Semiconductor Devices – Construction, Characteristics, Operation, and protection (Just remember that there is huge difference between signal level semiconductor devices and Power semiconductor devices. Power semiconductor devices have to handle high voltage and current. In order to withstand the high voltage/current ratings, power devices construction is different from the construction of their low power counterparts) ·       Energy storage elements ·       Various Power Converter Topologies ·       Control Strategies, Drive circuits of Topologies ·       EMI, EMC, Heat Dissipation techniques Applications of Power Electronics: We can realise the applications of Power Electronics everywhere  in our day-to-day life (home, office, factory, car, hospital, theatre etc.) Some of the typical applications are ·       Domestic and theatre lighting ·       Industrial Process in the chemical, paper and steel industries ·       Motor drives from food mixers, washing machines through to lifts and locomotives ·       Power supplies for laboratories and uninterruptible power for vital loads ·       Generation and transmission control

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