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 Molecular engineering is associate degree rising field of study involved with the planning and testing of molecular properties, behavior and interactions so as to assemble higher materials, systems, and processes for specific functions. Molecular engineering is extremely knowledge base naturally, encompassing aspects of chemical engineering, materials science, biotechnology, engineering, physics, applied science, and chemistry. There's conjointly goodish overlap with technology, therein each square measure involved with the behavior of materials on the dimensions of nanometers or smaller. Molecular style has been a vital part of the many disciplines in world, as well as biotechnology, chemical engineering, engineering, materials science, applied science and chemistry. Molecular engineers utilize refined tools and instruments to create and analyze the interactions of molecules and also the surfaces of materials at the molecular and nano-scale. The complexness of molecules being introduced at the surface is increasing, and also the techniques wont to analyze surface characteristics at the molecular level area unit changing and up. Meantime, advancements in high performance computing have greatly swollen the utilization of model within the study of molecular scale systems

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