"The nearness of NH4+ in Mortierella sp. fermented the development medium to a more noteworthy degree than within the sight of NO3-; probably by expanding proton-siphoning in the parasitic cell layer. The portion of RP broke up by Mortierella sp. differed with the N structure in the fluid medium, which was 37, 38 and 32% when NH4+, NO3-and the two particles were provided, separately. The constructive outcome of NH4 + as N source on RP solubilization. Mortierella species are soil growths having a place with the request Mortierellales inside the subphylum Mortierellomycotina (phylum: Mucoromycota). The across the board variety contains around 85 species.Species of Mortierella live as saprotrophs in soil, on rotting leaves and other natural material. Different species live on fecal pellets or on exoskeletons of arthropods Penicillium, Trichoderma, Mucor and Mortierella species have a place with an environment bunch which are the main creatures developing on roots. Salt portrayed that the recurrence of Mortierella species developing on the outside of roots from tidy is higher in contrast with different species  

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