Clinical images - Imaging in Medicine (2018) Volume 10, Issue 5

Fournier gangrene

Sindhu Kumar*

Department of Radiology, University of Virginia Medical Center, Virginia 22901, USA

Corresponding Author:
Sindhu Kumar
Department of Radiology, University of Virginia Medical Center
Virginia 22901
E-mail: [email protected]


computed tomography, emergency department

Fournier’s gangrene is a severe subcutaneous inflammatory process commonly involving the perineum. Chronic diabetes and alcohol abuse are some of the predisposing factors. Most common clinical presentation includes subcutaneous erythema, inflammatory changes, foul smelling discharge and crepitus due to soft tissue gas. CT scan is the preferred imaging modality. Early diagnosis and prompt treatment including surgical debridement and antibiotic therapy is vital in this case (FIGURES 1 and 2) [1].

Figure 1: 56 y old female with h/o diabetes presents to the ED with perineal pain. CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis shows small abscess containing fluid and gas (arrow) in the left ischio-anal fossa with inflammatory changes and air foci extending anteriorly in the perineum.

Figure 2: Multiple foci of air and inflammatory changes in the left ischioanal fossa (arrow).


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