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Nanotechnology deals with the bodily, chemical, and biological properties of structures and their components at nanoscale dimensions. Nanotechnology is based on the concept of making useful systems by controlling atoms and molecules on a one-through-one basis. Using this era will permit many trends inside the health sciences in addition to in substances technological know-how, bio-generation, electronic and pc technology, aviation, and area exploration. With tendencies in substances science and biotechnology, nanotechnology is specifically expected to provide advances in dentistry and innovations in oral health-associated diagnostic and therapeutic methods. Science is currently undergoing a top notch evolution, taking humanity to a brand new era: the era of nanotechnology the possibility to witness the beginning of a pioneering development in technology is encountered not often. The phrase “nano,” that's derived from the Greek phrase (nannos) which means “dwarf,” is a prefix that actually refers to one billionth of a bodily size potential programs of tissue engineering and stem cellular studies in dentistry include the treatment of orofacial fractures, bone augmentation, cartilage regeneration of the temporomandibular joint, pulp repair, periodontal ligament regeneration, and implant osseointegration. Tissue engineering permits the placement of implants that take away a prolonged recovery length, are biologically and physiologically greater strong than formerly used implants, and might thoroughly assist early loading        

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