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The motor neuronal disorders are a series of advanced neurological disorders disturbing the cells that control basic voluntary muscle function such as speaking, walking, breathing and swallowing. Generally information from the brain's nerve cells (called upper motor neurons) is transferred to the brain's stem and spinal cords nerve cells (called lower motor neurons) and from these to specific muscles. Upper motor neurons guide the lower motor neurons to produce motions like walking or chewing. Lower motor neurons control the arms, legs, and chest, face, throat and tongue movements. Review articles are summaries of the current state of understanding on a particular subject of research. We review or address previously published work by scientists and scholars, rather than commenting on the novel research results. Review article comes in the form of systematic reviews and reviews of literature and is a form of secondary literature. Systematic analyses define an authoritative set of requirements, and consider all original research papers previously published that meet the criteria. They then compare the results of those papers. By contrast, literature reviews offer a summary of what the authors believe to be the best and most relevant prior publications.    

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