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Molecular modeling encompasses all theoretical techniques and computational techniques used to mimic and examine the shape and behavior of molecules, ranging from small chemical systems to big biological molecules and material assemblies. Molecular modeling covers a wide sort of theoretical and computational methods used to represent the shape of molecules, ions and/or debris. They can be classified considering solute/solvent structures; there are 3 most important classes for molecular modeling: implicit strategies, integral equations and classical density purposeful principle, and explicit techniques. For that reason, in order to gift the main concept of each magnificence of techniques available in chemical engineering area, this paintings comprehends methods: poison Boltzmann equation, classical density practical theory, and molecular dynamics simulation. Sooner or later, scale integration is offered as a strategy for efficient modeling and simulation. Molecular modeling and simulation has had a profound effect on manner modeling thru a better knowledge of the essential physical and chemical interactions, via forming the premise for predicting thermodynamic residences of materials which can be hard to calculate using experimental processes, and enabling the develop molecular modeling is now available from within process simulation software equipment. As an instance, molecule-based characterization methods are to be had within aspenment of new theories, fashions, tactics, and products the molecule-primarily based method for crude oil assay characterization represents a superior alternative to the traditional statistics-based totally method      

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