Minimization Of SO2 Emissions

 The objective of this work is to explore possible technologies to reduce SO2 emissions from ADGAS and investigate the impact of implementing such modifications on the close air quality at the Island. so as to realize this, 2 SO2 emission diminution themes are proposed; a Fuel Gas Sweetening (FGS) theme and a Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) scheme.The FGS theme involves (1) guiding most of the H2S within the fuel gas to the Sulfur Recovery Units (SRUs) wherever it's born-again to elemental sulfur. The unregenerated H2S are routed to the SRUs’ incinerators wherever it's alter to SO2, ANd (2) revamping the UGAs internals (by commutation current packing with an approved higher potency packing) so as to supply a sweeter fuel gas. The FGD theme involves installation of SW-FGD units downstream the SRUs’ incinerators wherever the SO2 within the flue gas is clean by the plant spent H2O during a dedicated packed bed absorbent material and changing it to harmless salt ions (natural constituents of ocean|the ocean}water) which will be safely disposed to the sea. The FGS theme is anticipated to cut back the H2S content within the fuel gas by ninety four and end in decreasing the overall SO2 emissions thanks to fuel gas usage by ninety eight. The FGD theme is anticipated to cut back the SO2 emissions thanks to incomplete sulfur recovery within the SRUs by ninety nine.5%. Implementation of each schemes is anticipated to cut back the overall SO2 emissions by seventy seven. Most of the remaining SO2 emissions (23%) area unit thanks to the continual flaring of the flash gas within the plant. partly II of this work, the BREEZE AERMOD professional computer code is employed to predict the SO2 Ground Level Concentration (GLC) for this and changed SO2 diminution schemes. Compliance with the country limits and challenge with future regulative standards are examined.

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