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  Mesotherapy is a non-surgical technique that uses micro-injections of pharmaceutical and homeopathic preparations, plant extracts, vitamins, and other ingredients into subcutaneous fat. Mesotherapy injections allegedly target adipose fat cells, apparently by inducing lipolysis, rupture and cell death among adipocytes.This is a procedure in which the doctor uses injections with very fine needles to deliver enzymes, hormones, and vitamins to your skin to tighten and rejuvenate it. This procedure was first invented in France by Dr. Michel Pistor to help relieve pain caused by medical conditions. However, later, it was used in cosmetic dermatology for fat removal.The term “meso” means middle. This therapy is called mesotherapy because fine needles are used to deliver injections to the middle layer of your skin. The whole idea of this therapy was to treat the underlying issues, such as inflammation and poor circulation, that cause skin damage.Mesotherapy is often used for addressing a wide range of skin issues such as Pigmentation,Skin tightening,Cellulite reductionLines and wrinkles,Fat removal from the face, arms, thighs, stomach, hips, and legs and Alopecia.    

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