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 Medical biological science, the big set of biological science that's applied to medication, could be a branch of life science involved with the hindrance, identification and treatment of infectious diseases. additionally, this field of science studies varied clinical applications of microbes for the advance of health. There ar four forms of microorganisms that cause infectious disease: microorganism, fungi, parasites and viruses, and one kind of infectious macromolecule known as particle.A medical life scientist studies the characteristics of pathogens, their modes of transmission, mechanisms of infection and growth.[1] victimisation this info, a treatment will be devised. Medical microbiologists usually function consultants for physicians, providing identification of pathogens and suggesting treatment choices. different tasks could embody the identification of potential health risks to the community or observation the evolution of doubtless virulent or resistant strains of microbes, educating the community and helping within the style of health practices. they'll conjointly assist in preventing or dominant epidemics and outbreaks of illness. Not all medical microbiologists study microorganism pathology; some study common, non-pathogenic species to see whether or not their properties will be accustomed develop antibiotics or different treatment strategies.Epidemiology, the study of the patterns, causes, and effects of health and illness conditions in populations, is a vital a part of medical biological science, though the clinical side of the sphere primarily focuses on the presence and growth of microorganism infections in people, their effects on the physical structure, and therefore the strategies of treating those infections. during this respect the complete field, as Associate in Nursing subject area, will be conceptually divided into educational and clinical sub-specialties, though truly there's a fluid time between public health biological science and clinical biological science, even as the state of the art in clinical laboratories depends on continual enhancements in educational medication and analysis laboratories.  

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