Marketing is that the activity, set of establishments, and processes for making, contacting, delivering, and interchanging offerings that have worth for patrons, clients, partners, and society at globally. There square measure six styles of selling. They are:   1.    Influencer selling - In influencer selling, instead of selling on to an outsized cluster of customers, a whole evokes or compensates influencers (which will embrace celebrities, content creators, client advocates, and employees) to induce the word out on their behalf. 2.       Relationship selling - Relationship selling leverages information selling, behavioural advertising and analytics to focus on customers exactly and build loyalty programs. 3.       Viral selling - microorganism selling may be a selling development that facilitates and encourages individuals to pass on a selling message. 4.       Green selling - inexperienced selling refers to the event and selling of merchandise that square measure likely to be environmentally safe. 5.       Keyword selling – Keyword selling involves inserting a selling message before of users supported the particular keywords and phrases they're mistreatment to go looking. 6.       Guerilla selling - Guerilla selling describes AN unconventional and artistic selling strategy meant to induce most results from stripped-down resources.    

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