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 Lipids are a heterogeneous organization of compounds, including fat, oils, steroids, waxes,and related compounds, which might be related greater with the aid of their physical than through their chemical properties.   The significance of lipids as one of the fundamental classes of organic compounds is nicely established. The utility of our of the biochemistry, chemistry and physiology of lipids to biotechnology, the fats and oils industry and remedy have persisted to expand apace. In addition new dimensions inclusive of lipid biophysics, in particular with relevance to membranes and lipoproteins, and fundamental liposome research and packages had been added. To deal with some of these advances in understanding a journal is needed to review latest progress specifically fields and to set current research against its historic background. Progress in Lipid Research fulfils this role.   The Journal of GlycLongdom Publishing & LipidLongdom Publishing (JGL) is a broad-based journal founded on two key tenets: To put up the most exciting researches related to GlycLongdom Publishing & LipidLongdom Publishing: Second to provide a speedy turn-around time viable for reviewing and publishing of articles for studies and reference purposes. It is basically geared toward the medical scientists, fitness practitioners, students, researchers, professional bodies and institutions.   Biochemistry & Analytical Biochemistry Journal, Journal of Nutrition & Food Science, Chemistry and Physics of Lipids, European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology, Journal of Food Lipids, Journal of Lipid Research and Journal of Investigative Dermatology.

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