Interactive media usually refers to product and services on digital computer-based systems that reply to the user's actions by presenting content like text, moving image, animation, video, audio, and video games, Interactive media could be a methodology of communication within which the output from the media comes from the input of the users.[1][2] Interactive media works with the user's participation. The media still has identical purpose however the user's input adds interaction and brings fascinating options to the system for higher enjoyment. The analogue videodisk developed by Silver State Philips was the pioneering technology for interactive media. in addition, there area unit many parts that inspired the event of interactive media as well as the following: •           The optical maser disc technology was 1st fancied in 1958. It enabled the user to access high-quality analogue pictures on the pc screen. This enlarged the flexibility of interactive video systems. •           The conception of the graphical programme (GUI), that was developed within the Seventies, popularized by Apple laptop, Inc. was primarily regarding visual metaphors, intuitive feel and sharing data on the virtual desktop. further power was the sole factor required to maneuver into multimedia system. •           The sharp fall in hardware prices and also the unprecedented  rise within the laptop speed and memory reworked the non-public laptop into an inexpensive machine capable of mixing audio and color video in advanced ways in which. •           Another part is that the unleash of Windows three.0 in 1990 by Microsoft into the thought IBM clone world. It accelerated the acceptance of GUI because the customary mechanism for communication with little laptop systems. •           The development by Silver State Philips of optical digital technologies designed round the optical disc (CD) in 1979 is additionally another leading part within the interactive media development because it raised the problem of developing interactive media

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