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 Human Factors: The Journal of the Human Factors and applied science Society publishes peer-reviewed scientific studies in human factors/ergonomics that gift theoretical and sensible advances regarding the link between individuals and technologies, tools, environments, and systems. Papers printed in Human Factors leverage elementary information of human capabilities and limitations – and therefore the basic understanding of psychological feature, physical, behavioral, physiological 3 tactile lane-keeping algorithms to help truck drivers were evaluated on a half-dozen.3-km-long oval-shaped check track: (1) a single-bandwidth (SB) rule, it's for the task), and therefore the info used (how it's given, accessed, and changed). applied science attracts on several disciplines in its study of humans and their environments, as well as measurement, biomechanics, technology,which activated help torques once the anticipated lateral deviation from lane center exceeded zero.4 m; (2) a double-bandwidth (DB) rule, that activated as SB, however deactivated when returning inside zero.15 m lateral deviation; associate degreed (3) an rule providing help torques unendingly (Cont) toward the lane center. Fifteen participants drove four trials every, one trial while not and one for every tactile help style. what is more, participants drove with and while not a coinciding visually distracting task  

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