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The “ecological” prospecting in urban sociology explores what happens in social terms as a consequence of the exposure of people to built environment, Ecosystems, including humans living in cities and urban environments, are characterized by specific interactions .Environmental consequences from, for example new buildings/installations, influence citizens’ perception that, in turn influences social behavior and reaction to both risk and security measures. Ecological Prospecting practices permit people to accumulate individual and social data on the nearby nature of possible future reproducing destinations and assist them with making dispersal and settlement decisions. As it can have various outcomes on singular circulation, wellness and populace elements, investigating the environment and development of natural prospecting systems is fundamental in a setting of environmental change. Yet, studies dealing with this topic are scarce because of methodological and technological challenges. In this task, I will create and apply novel hypothetical and factual ways to deal with convey major new bits of knowledge into the versatile, environmental and developmental significance of prospecting procedures in individual and population responses to environmental change.

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