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 An immortalised cell line could be a population of cells from a cellular organism which might ordinarily not proliferate indefinitely however, because of mutation, have evaded traditional cellular senescence and instead will keep undergoing division. The cells will thus be mature for prolonged periods in vitro. The mutations needed for immortality will occur naturally or be by choice iatrogenic for experimental functions. Immortal cell lines area unit an awfully necessary tool for analysis into the organic chemistry and cell biology of cellular organisms. Immortalized cell lines have conjointly found uses in biotechnology.   An immortalised cell line shouldn't be confused with stem cells, which may conjointly divide indefinitely, however type a standard a part of the event of a cellular organism. There are numerous immortal cell lines. a number of them area unit traditional cell lines (e.g. derived from stem cells). Alternative immortalised cell lines area unit the in vitro equivalent of cancerous cells. Cancer happens once a cell that ordinarily cannot divide undergoes mutations that cause de-regulation of the traditional cell cycle controls resulting in uncontrolled proliferation. Immortalised cell lines have undergone similar mutations permitting a cell kind which might ordinarily not be ready to divide to be proliferated in vitro. The origins of some immortal cell lines, for instance Hela human cells, area unit from present cancers.

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