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 The Behavioral Neuroscience we seek experimental papers reporting novel results that provide insight into the mechanisms by which nervous systems produce and are suffering from behavior. Experimental subjects may include human and non-human animals and should address any phase of the lifespan, from early development to senescence. Studies apply brain-imaging techniques in normal and pathological human populations are encouraged, as are studies using non-traditional species (including invertebrates) and employing comparative analyses. Studies using computational approaches to know behavior and cognition are particularly encouraged. In addition to behavior, it's expected that some aspect of systemicnervous function are going to be manipulated or observed, ranging across molecular, cellular, neuroanatomical, neuroendocrinological, neuropharmacological, and neurophysiological levels of study . Behavioral studies are welcome so long as their implications for our understanding of the nervous system are clearly described in the paper. Behavioral Neuroscience primarily publishes original research articles reporting novel findings. Preregistration of replication studies is strongly recommended, but not required. Each of these article types may be full-length research papers or brief communications. Brief communications are limited to 3,250 words of text and two figures and/or tables. When appropriate, commentaries on research papers are invited by the editors. We welcome reviews on any theoretical, empirical, or historical topic associated with the role of the Systemaxnervous within the production of behavior.

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