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Ankle Arthritis is a clinical condition wherein the joint that interfaces the foot to the leg, known as the tibiotalar or lower leg joint, has harmed or destroyed ligament. There are three bones associated with this joint: the tibia, the fibula and the bone. The joint inflammation can include any or these bones. otal lower leg substitution (additionally called lower leg arthroplasty) is a careful alternative for patients with joint pain of the lower leg. This activity can ease torment and keep up movement in the ligament lower leg joint and is an option in contrast to arthrodesis (lower leg combination) which can calm torment however disposes of movement in the joint. In spite of the fact that it doesn't have the equivalent long haul track record of hip or knee substitution, shorter-term concentrates on lower leg substitution look extremely encouraging. The lower leg joint is comprised of the two bones of the lower leg and the primary bone in the foot called the bone. It is frequently called the tibiotalar joint. This joint can lose its ligament covering either through injury, disease or mileage. X-beams will show a limited joint with different changes the doctor will assess. Frequently treatment of lower leg joint pain just requires confining the patient's exercises to things that are not agonizing and verifying that the shoe is agreeable. All in all, a shoe that bands up over the lower leg and has a padded heel will be more defensive than different sorts of shoes.    

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