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 An allergy is an immune system reaction to a foreign substance that’s not typically harmful to your body. These foreign particles are called allergens. They can incorporate certain nourishments, dust, or pet dander. Your invulnerable framework's main responsibility is to keep you solid by battling destructive pathogens. It does this by assaulting anything it thinks could place your body in harm's way. Contingent upon the allergen, this reaction may include irritation, sniffling, or a large group of different side effects. Your invulnerable framework typically changes with your condition. For instance, when your body experiences something like pet dander, it ought to understand it's innocuous. In individuals with dander sensitivities, the insusceptible framework sees it as an outside trespasser compromising the body and assaults it. Hypersensitivities are normal. A few medicines can assist you in maintaining a strategic distance from your side effects. Numerous allergens, for example, residue or dust are airborne particles. In these cases, side effects emerge in regions in contact with air, for example, eyes, nose, and lungs. For example, unfavorably susceptible rhinitis, otherwise called roughage fever, causes disturbance of the nose, sniffling, tingling, and redness of the eyes. Breathed in allergens can likewise prompt expanded creation of bodily fluid in the lungs, the brevity of breath, hacking, and wheezing. Indications of food hypersensitivity incorporate stomach torment, swelling, heaving, looseness of the bowels, bothersome skin, and growth of the skin during hives.  

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