Abstract - Journal of Experimental Stroke & Translational Medicine (2020)

Gestational Hypertension Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH)

Samir Mustafa Smisim

Medical Director Of training Dept SRCA, Saudi Arabia


Introduction: Gestational Hypertension can lead to a serious condition called Preeclampsia, also referred to as Toxemia. Hypertension during pregnancy affects about 6-8% of pregnant women.

The following are the 3 common types of gestational hypertension:

Chronic Hypertension– Women who have high blood pressure (over 140/90) before pregnancy, early in pregnancy (before 20 weeks), or continue to have it after delivery.

• Gestational Hypertension– High blood pressure that develops after week 20 in pregnancy and goes away after delivery.

Preeclampsia – Both chronic hypertension and gestational hypertension can lead to this severe condition after week 20 of pregnancy.

• Symptoms include high blood pressure and protein in the urine. This can lead to serious complications for both mom and baby if not treated quickly.

Risk Factors for Gestational Hypertension:

The following women may have an increased risk of developing gestational hypertension:

• First-time moms, Women whose sisters and mothers had PIH

• Women carrying multiples, Women younger than age 20 or older than age 40

• Women who had high blood pressure or kidney disease prior to pregnancy

Diagnosis of Gestational Hypertension:

At each prenatal checkup, check BP, kidney and blood-clotting functions, order blood tests, Ultrasound scan to check your baby’s growth, and use a Doppler Scan to measure the efficiency of blood flow to the placenta.

Treatment of Gestational hypertension:

Treatment depends on how close the pregnant is away from the due date. If she is close to her due date and the baby is developed enough, delivering of baby as soon as possible is the treatment.


Graduated from Allepo University 1991 , recently working as Medical Director of Training Programs, Saudi Red Crescent Authority. ITLS Instructor & SRCA Chapter Medical Director NAEMT Center Medical Director 2015. AHDR Instructor .ACLS &BLS Instructor. Airway Instructor ( American Heart Association AHA ) 2012 . BLS Instructor & Basic Life Support AHA / SHA ) 2010 . EMT- Basic & Paramedic Instructor ( Emergency Medicine Institue ) 2004 . Disaster planing and Mangement Instructor ( SRCA ) 2008 . EMT basic Pennsylvania state ,USA 2006 . EMT Basic Evaluator Pittsburgh, USA 2006 . Supervisor of Advance Life support Units During Hajj .

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