SURGICAL DEBRIDEMENT  is similar to the sharp debridement in that it relies on the use of forceps, scissors or a scalpel to remove devitalized tissue ,debris or foreign materials from the wound bed but it is carried out in a sterile operating environment in order to reduce the risk of infection . the  procedure is performed by physician or podiatrist. different types of debridement they are surgical debridement , biological debridement , enzymatic debridement , autolytic debridement Debridement is an important part of the healing process for burns and other serious wounds; it is also used for treating some kinds of snake and spider bites. Surgical debridement can be performed in the operating room or bedside, depending on the extent of the necrotic material and a patient's ability to tolerate the procedure. The surgeon will typically debride tissue back to viability, as determined by tissue appearance and the presence of blood flow in healthy tissue    

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