The self love and the mental aspects of living with chronic illness, such as diabetes. why is it necessary Why is it crucial to find your way of showing yourself self love Neil Fox University of Chester Ireland

Author(s): Neil Fox

 In this modern up to date world health care professionals are unable to provide any information to diabetic patients that concerned with their mental health. A diabetic patient suffer­ing mentally too so there must be some counselling sessions that help diabetic patient to revive its mental health and it is important to comforting a diabetic person. Such individuals trapped into the situation of persistent stress and disappoint­ment because of continuous problems of blood glucose. This lifelong disease disheartened persons and negatively affect pa­tient care, putting them into mental trap of negative thoughts like diabetes is incurable disease, no good can come from it. Unaware of facts that how chronic diabetes mentally can be and what complications it going to cause next, the entire atten­tion of doctors is on altering doses. A personal health monitor­ing diary of stress and glucose levels can be helpful in finding a pattern and in establishment of correlation between elevated glucose levels and raised stress levels.

Diabetes has its positive aspects too that makes you quite dif­ferent from others such as this disease becomes you more self dependent and tough. A diabetic patient must set its target of fighting with diabetes and not put down by this disease. Dia­betic goal of life is how harder the circumstances are how much blood pressure, cholesterol and HbA1c are bothering, I can cope up with all the situation, I am the one and I can turn it around. This is all about to accept your weaknesses and turn it into you strength. More a diabetic have to do a strict eye on its routine of life such as right diet intake, proper exercise and sleep requirements necessary for health. At last not cut off yourself from people just because you are diabetic, build up your social connection and spend prosperous time with people surrounds you. Maybe you have the ability to turn someone’s life.