Radiation dose reduction in computed tomography: techniques and future perspective

Author(s): Lifeng Yu�?�, Xin Liu, Shuai Leng, James M Kofler, Juan C Ramirez-Giraldo, Mingliang Qu, Jodie Christner, Joel G Fletcher & Cynthia H McCollough

Despite universal consensus that computed tomography (CT) overwhelmingly benefits patients when used for appropriate indications, concerns have been raised regarding the potential risk of cancer induction from CT due to the exponentially increased use of CT in medicine. Keeping radiation dose as low as reasonably achievable, consistent with the diagnostic task, remains the most important strategy for decreasing this potential risk. This article summarizes the general technical strategies that are commonly used for radiation dose management in CT. Dose-management strategies for pediatric CT, cardiac CT, dual-energy CT, CT perfusion and interventional CT are specifically discussed, and future perspectives on CT dose reduction are presented.