Identifying functional and non-functional specifications of a telehealth software application for diabetes mellitus

Author(s): Dimitris Folinas*, Maria Tzilini & Kyriakos Kazakos

The study aims to identify and present the functional and non-functional technical and medical specifications of the software application that supports the clinical care of Diabetes Mellitus (DM) patients and maintain clinical information for monitoring, evaluation, and administration purposes in a research project titled cometech. The proposed software application belongs to the Electronic Health Management Information Systems (eHMIS) category that is designed to fulfill the need for an automated national health information management system. It is used for public health-related decision-making. Its main users are public policymakers, health officers, researchers, planning departments of health offices, eHMIS focal persons, data entry clerks, and many others ranging from health facility to federal management levels. The identification and analysis of the functional and non-functional requirements will help researchers to design and develop similar software applications that aim to introduce telehealth tools and services to achieve continuity of health care and to provide consultation and patient education (society awareness).