Fetal sonographic measurement correlation with the gestational age (20-41 weeks gestation) among Sudanese population during 2016-2020

Author(s): Mohaned H.A Edress, Carolin Edward, Mona Ahmed*, Bassam N.M Yousif, Khalid A.A Elhussein & Mahmoud A.Y Abdoon

The importance of accurate Fetal Gestational Age (FGA) determination in the management of obstetric patients cannot be over emphasized. The choice of obstetric management decision and its outcome depends on the knowledge of the exact age of the pregnancy.

Objectives: The purpose of this study is to determine the fetal gestational age and correlate it with the conventional parameters.

Methods: Data were collected at Wad Madani Military Hospital, Nyala Military Hospital and Private Clinics from 2016-2020 (n=400) cases were selected randomly by non probability method using quota technique. Using several ultrasound machines (Esaoti My Lap 70, Honda HS2000) with probe curve linear 3.5 megahertz.

Results: New Sudanese charts were reported for BPD, HC, AC, and FL. Reference equations for the dating of pregnancy were presented. There is significant fetal biometric difference between Sudanese and non sudanese peoples (eg. Egyptian and Korean). Fetal BPD, HC, AC and FL compared with gestational age, it confirms that there is a significance difference between the measurements and gestational age, p-value is (0.00). There are equations resulting from these tables that explain the relationship between (BPD, HC, AC, and FL) and gestational age for Sudanese people.

Conclusion: The fetal growth is not uniform and varies between different groups of citizens. In the present study, we showed accuracy of sonographic instruments and presented sudanese fetal biometry. We believe that our standard, being derived from singleton pregnant women, is a reference for fetal growth.