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Assessment Of The Correlation Between Dynamic Contrast Enhanced Computed Tomography And Histological And Vascular Biomarkers In Patients Resected For Colorectal Liver Metastases

Author(s): Carsten Lauridsen, Thomas Axelsen, Martin Lundsgaard Hansen, Eva Fallentin, Michael Bachmann Nielsen,Rikke Lovendahl Eefsen, Martin Illemann, Lars Engelholm, Ben Vainer, Gunilla Hoyer-Hansen, Ida Katrine Lund, Gro L Willemoe, Hans Christian Rolff, Marie B Mogensen & Kell Osterlind

Background: Dynamic contrast-enhanced computed tomography (DCE-CT) is a promising non-invasive method that provides the functional evaluation of the vascularity in normal and malignant tissue. The objectives of this consecutive study were to investigate the possible correlation between the perfusion characteristics of colorectal cancer liver metastases as examined by (DCE-CT) and the microvessel density of resected metastases. An additional aim was to investigate the correlation between the urokinase plasminogen activation receptor (uPAR) and perfusion values. Methods and findings: Eleven patients fulfilled the criteria for comparative analyses. The microvessel density values,uPAR level and the DCE-CT values were analysed. A perfusion index (PI) based on the measurement of arterial and portal flow (AF, PF) was defined as follows: PI=AF/ (AF+PF)%. The DCE-CT measurements were compared between metastatic and normal liver tissues. A Spearman correlation test was used for statistical analysis. The perfusion index and microvessel density values were significantly correlated (r=0.75; p=0.01). Furthermore, a higher volume of metastases significantly correlated with higher plasma levels of the uPAR forms (0.72 ≤ r ≥ 0.89; p < 0.05).

Conclusions: DCE-CT may have the potential to measure the vascularity of colorectal liver metastases; however, the correlation between microvessel density and the perfusion values appears vague.

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