Single coronary artery with anomalous origin of right coronary artery from distal left circumflex artery

Author(s): Ahmet Murat, Muhammed Keskin, Mert Ilker Hayiroglu, Mustafa Adem Tatlisu, Osman Kayapinar & Adnan Kaya*

A coronary artery anomaly is a congenital defect of one or more coronary arteries of the heart in terms of origin, number, course and termination of the artery. A 69 year old lady with angina on exertion admitted to our hospital after detection ischemia of inferior segment of the left ventricle on imaging. Coronary angiography showed an isolated single coronary artery with an aberrant right coronary artery originating from distal left circumflex artery. Here we would like to attract attention to coronary abnormalies by presenting this case.
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