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 Xenotransfusion  in most cases, it's a transfer of blood between a non-human animal and a person's. This procedure are often performed without affecting the health of the donor, as only about 10% of their blood volume is employed whenever. Utilizing the unlimited blood supply from animal sources eliminates the danger of transmitting infectious diseases between humans.  Xenotransfusion uses non-human animals to assist within the shortage of blood for transfusion in humans. Although there must be more study on the subject some scientists are already considering the thought to use Sus scrofa domesticus (pigs) for transfusion. The organism are going to be kept alive and no serious harm are going to be involved in XTF. it'll be almost like how blood is faraway from humans. Only 10% of the animal’s blood volume are going to be used whenever , therefore, it's ethically acceptable to boost pigs for periodical blood collection because it doesn't damage the health of the animal. it'll even be ethical to use pRBCs on humans since it'll not cause a severe harm on human’s health.  

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