Type 2 Diabetes

 Over 415 million people accept diabetes worldwide and an estimated 200 million people have undiagnosed one. It accounts for quite 90% of patients with diabetes and results in complications that causes physical and physiological and physical distress to both patients and careers and put an enormous burden on health care systems. Despite increasing knowledhe regarding risk factors for type 2 diabetes and evidence for successful prevention programmes, the incidence and prevalence of the disease continues to rise world wide. Early detection through screening programmes and therefore the aviavlibality of safe and effective therapies reduces morbility and mortality by preventing earlier complciations. Increased understanding of specific diabetes phenotypes and genotypes might end in more specific and tailored management of patients with type 2 diabetes, as has been shown in patients with maturity onset diabetes of the young. during this Seminar, we describe recent developments within the diagnosis and management of type 2 diabetes, existing controversies, and future directions of care

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