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  Transgenesis refers to the process of introducing the transgene that is  an exogenous gene from one organism into the other one with the capability of enabling the latter to exhibit a new property which can be transmitted to its offspring. Steps involved in the process of transgenesis are outlined as identification,isolation and transformation.It can be done by the use of liposomes, plasmid vectors, viral vectors, pronuclear injection, protoplast fusion and ballistic DNA injection etc..One of the main purposes of transgenesis is to transfer genes (human genes) into animals or cells to incite and also observe human diseases.Transgenesis can have implications on Genetic Biodiversity,Ecosystems,The health or survival of individuals,The survival of population ,The evolution of populations. Animals that are used for this purpose are called transgenic animal models.Transgenic mice are one of the most common animal models utilized.Transgenesis is also used in order to introduce the new characters to the transgenic animals, for instance to produce the therapeutic molecules.These transgenic organisms are capable of expressing transgenes because their genetic code is fundamentally similar in all organisms.     

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