Telemedicine For Patients

Telemedicine is a convenient way of watching your doctor over a video. See your doctor face-to-face over video and get the same care as a patient in-office appointment. Telemedicine is easy! Use your iPhone, iPad, Ios, or any Camera and Microphone device. Simply set up your account on a secure video visit, and join your doctor. For the following types of appointments and more, video visits with your doctor are great: refilling medications and changing drugs, reviewing test and testing reports with your doctor, requesting required medical services, and providing continuing chronic conditions treatment. Indeed, 90 percent had already begun designing or introducing a telemedicine system in their organizations in a recent survey of healthcare executives. In smaller, private practices even healthcare providers are starting to embrace telehealth to compete with local retail clinics and to avoid losing their patients. Not only do virtual visits reassure patients that their providers are available and involved in their care, but it also makes it much easier for them to reach out with questions, report early warning signs and make a follow-up appointment to ensure they are on track. 

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