Superficial Myofibroblastoma_

  Superficial myofibroblastoma additionally called Superficial cervicovaginal myofibroblastoma,is a Superficial, circumscribed bland lesion of external feminine sex organ tract.Various kind square measure exocrine gland kind Myofibroblastoma could be a circumscribed soft tissue growth oft containing fat, lacking metallic element expression,Intranodal Palisaded Myofibroblastoma is AN intranodal growth with accrued beta-catenin expression,Superficial Myofibroblastoma could be a superficial lesion that's that doesn't involve fat and is restricted to the external feminine procreative tract.Superficial myofibroblastoma (SMF) could be a terribly rare benign mesenchymal growth within the feminine lower sex organ tract.Sometimes SMF histologically mimics aggressive angiomyxoma (AA) during which large myxoid modification in stroma is characteristic.Histologically, SMF is characterised by myofibroblast proliferation in scleroprotein and myxoid stroma. The physiological condition is usually moderate to low. The scleroprotein and myxoid stroma proportions might vary among cases. Blood vessels could also be galore in some cases. Sometimes, SMF could also be related to in depth puffiness within the stroma, which can create it tough to differentiate it from aggressive angiomyxoma (AA). However, the clinical prognoses of the 2 tumors square measure totally different. Thus, experience with the characteristics of SMA and AA is very important.    

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