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 The concept of addiction is not easy to define and the usage of the term addiction has been considered as controversial. however, central to its definition is the dependence on a substance or activity. Until recently, “non-substance related behavioral addiction” was listed in neither of the two internationally used diagnostic manuals of mental disorders, Contrary to the commonly held belief that holds addiction to be a specific quite dependence on drugs and chemical substances such alcohol, nicotine and heroin, behavior science experts believe that any source which is capable of stimulating an individual, could become addictive. The change of behaviors like action, substance corruption , computer gaming or chatting and internet browsing from habits into obligatory behavior, are often considered because the development of addiction. The idea that true addictions can exist even in the absence of psychotropic drugs. According to Peele, addicted individuals are dependent on a particular set of experiences, of which the reactions to a specific chemical substance is only one example. This is a descriptive study and content analysis. First, differences and similarities of various angle within the field of dependence also as behavioral symptoms of addiction to varied substances was obtained from scientific literature. Thereafter, the obtained data was coded and categorized and subjects were discussed and major issues were extracted.  

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