Structure Prediction By Homology Modelling_

  Homology modeling, to boot referred to as comparative modeling of molecule, refers to constructing AN atomic-resolution model of the "target" molecule from its amino alkanoic acid sequence ANd AN experimental three-dimensional structure of a connected homologous molecule (the "template"). Similarity modeling depends on the identification of one or heaps of known molecule structures in all probability to jibe the structure of the question sequence, ANd on the assembly of AN alignment that maps residues among the question sequence to residues among the instance sequence. it has been shown that molecule structures ar heaps of preserved than molecule sequences amongst homologues, but sequences falling below a banknote sequence identity can have very fully completely different structure.Evolutionarily connected macromolecules have similar sequences and gift homologous macromolecules have similar protein structure. It has been shown that three-dimensional molecule structure is evolutionarily heaps of preserved than would be expected on the premise of sequence conservation alone.The method of similarity modeling depends on the observation that molecule tertiary structure is better preserved than amino alkanoic acid sequence.    

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