A stroke may be a fast interruption within the blood offer of the brain. Most strokes area unit caused by Associate in Nursing abrupt blockage of arteries resulting in the brain (ischemic stroke). alternative strokes area unit caused by hurt into brain tissue once a vessel bursts (hemorrhagic stroke). as a result of stroke happens speedily and needs immediate treatment, stroke is additionally known as a brain attack. once the symptoms of a stroke last solely a brief time (less than Associate in Nursing hour), this can be known as a transient anaemia attack (TIA) or mini-stroke.   The effects of a stroke rely on that a part of the brain is abraded, and the way severely it's abraded. Strokes could cause fast weakness, loss of sensation, or problem with speaking, seeing, or walking. Since completely different|completely different} components of the brain management different areas and functions, it's typically the realm forthwith close the stroke that's affected. typically individuals with stroke have a headache, however stroke can even be fully painless. it's vital to acknowledge the warning signs of stroke and to urge immediate medical attention if they occur. A stroke happens once blood offer to the brain is interrupted. Blood is carried to the brain by blood vessels known as arteries. Blood contains element and necessary nutrients for your brain cells. Blood is also interrupted or stop moving through Associate in Nursing artery, as a result of the artery is blocked (ischaemic stroke) or bursts (haemorrhagic stroke). once brain cells don't get enough element or nutrients, they die. the realm of brain injury is termed a cerebral pathology