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 Each year quite 13,000 Queensland workers suffer an injury as a results of an error , trip or fall costing Queensland businesses quite 256,000 lost work days and over $60 million in workers’ compensation payments.1 additionally to workers’ compensation costs, there are financial, physical and emotional costs for the injured worker and their family. A workplace injury often affects injured workers’ well being by restricting their usual home and leisure activities. Simple and price effective measures can reduce the amount and severity of those injuries. This booklet aims to supply you with a basic understanding of what causes an error or trip and supply you with some ideas on what you'll do to prevent these incidents occurring. Slips, trips and falls Slips, trips and falls can happen in any workplace. They will occur at the entry of a building, within the kitchen, in cold rooms, on loading docks and whilst you walk outside the building. Causes of slip, trips and falls there are various factors that contribute to the danger of slips and trips. Slips usually occur when there's a loss of grip between the shoe and therefore the floor. This commonly occurs when there's a contaminant between the shoe and therefore the floor. Trips occur when a person’s foot hits a coffee obstacle within the person’s path, causing a loss of balance. Often, the obstacle isn't easily visible or noticed. The subsequent factors can contribute to the danger of slips and trips. It’s usually a mixture of those factors that make the danger of an error or trip.   

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