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  A serial dilution is that the stepwise dilution of a substance in resolution. typically the dilution issue at every step is constant, leading to a geometrical progression of the concentration in a very index fashion. A ten-fold serial dilution may well be one M, 0.1 M, 0.01 M, 0.001 M ... Serial dilutions square measure want to accurately produce extremely diluted solutions also as solutions for experiments leading to concentration curves with a graduated table.Serial dilutions square measure wide employed in experimental sciences, as well as organic chemistry, medicine, biological science, and physics.Serial dilution is that the simplest technique for getting manageable concentrations of a desired organism and it's complemented by dish streaking and spreading, simply 2 of the many plating techniques utilized by microbiologists. The good thing about this approach is that the experimenter will harvest pure strains of one species or separate strains from a mixed population . Streaking is accomplished by introducing Associate in Nursing organisms to a solid medium typically consisting of agar/agarose that it'll grow upon if the suitable nutrients square measure out there. Gently sweeping a sterile protection loop across the medium (so that a delicate streak remains) in a very rigid curving pattern can distribute the organism proportionately to the frequency of the experimenter's wave shape. Dividing the dish into thirds or fourths (quadrant streak) and decreasing the frequency of every streak as a replacement region of the dish is entered can step by step scale back the amount of microorganisms which will occupy that region, manufacturing single colonies rather than Associate in Nursing unquantifiable microorganism field.    

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