Multi tranquilize medicines are progressively utilized in the facility to battle complex and co-happening ailments. In any case, most medication blend revelation endeavors today are chiefly centered around anticancer treatment and infrequently analyze the capability of utilizing multiple medications at the same time. In addition, there is right now no detailed strategy for performing second-and higher-request sedate mix examination of secretomic designs, which means protein fixation profiles discharged by the cells. Here, we present COMBSecretomic the primary down to earth methodological structure intended to look comprehensively for second-and higher-request blends of applicant medicines that can change, or even converse breaking down secretomic examples of human cells. This structure accompanies two novel without model blend examination strategies; a customized speculation of the most noteworthy single specialist rule and an information mining approach dependent on top-down progressive grouping. Quality control techniques to take out anomalies and non-parametric measurements to evaluate vulnerability in the outcomes got are additionally included. COMB Secretomics depends on a normalized reproducible organization and could be utilized with any exploratory stage that gives the necessary protein discharge information.  

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