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Metabolomics is defined because the systematic study of all chemical processes concerning metabolites, providing characteristic chemical fingerprints that specific cellular processes yield, by means of the study of their small-molecule metabolite profiles. Metabolomics may be a collection of powerful tools for the analysis of phenotype, both by hypothesis generation and by hypothesis testing. Building on the strengths of the “omics technologies that came before, metabolomics uniquely comprises analytical technologies which will provide diagnostic patterns via fingerprinting, absolute quantitation of targeted metabolites via pool analysis, relative quantitation of huge portions of the metabolome using metabolite profiling, and tracing of the biochemical fate of individual metabolites through a metabolic system via flux analysis. Each of those technologies is supported by the 2 most ordinarily used and powerful techniques currently available for metabolomics: mass spectrometry and NMR. Metabolomics seems to be a promising approach, not only to guage or forecast the fertility status by sperm analysis, but also in seminal plasma or serum. Currently, there is limited information available with limited usefulness for two reasons. First, metabolomic approaches are applied to clinical conditions which will be easily determined from other perspectives like azoospermia or oligozoospermia which will be identified with the classic sperm analysis. Second, there's a scarcity of strong clinical analyses confirming the predictive ability to forecast live births.    

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