Salt And Hypertension Impact Factor

For maximum of our evolution, humans ate up much less than 0.25 g of salt per day. Today, salt intake remains high due to its use in meals seasoning, however especially due to incredibly salted processed foods. In 2005, simplest 9.6% of adults met recommended suggestions for sodium intake (<1.5 g/d for persons with hypertension, middle-aged and older adults, and blacks, and<2.3 g/d for all other adults). Salt intake reduction can delay or prevent hypertension in non-hypertensive subjects and contribute to blood pressure reduction in hypertensive subjects receiving medical therapy. The current challenge is to disseminate and substantiate in the minds of physicians and patients that lifestyle interventions for blood pressure reduction are neither impractical nor ineffective, but rather simple, safe, and consequential mediators of blood pressure; and to design and implement public health initiatives that help sustain these non-drug interventions.

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