Pulmonology is considered as a branch of internal medicine and is related to the intensive care medicine. Pulmonology often involves for managing patients who need life to support and mechanical ventilation. Pulmonologists are  trained specially for diseases and conditions of the chest, pneumonia, asthma, the tuberculosis, emphysema, and the chest infections.   One of the most major discoveries relevant to the field of pulmonology was pulmonary circulation.  It was thought that the blood reaching the right side of the heart passed through small 'pores' in the septum into the left side to be oxygen, as theorized by Galen. The discovery of pulmonary circulation , which had been previously  accepted since  2nd century. Thirteenth century anatomist and physiologist Ibn Al-Nafis accurately theorized that there was no passage between the two sides (ventricles) of the heart. He believed that the blood must have passed through the pulmonary artery, through lungs and passed into the heart to be pumped around the body.         

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