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  Parasitology is the scientific discipline/branch of microbiology  that is concerned with the study of the biology of parasites, characteristics of the parasites & parasitic diseases, including their distribution, biochemistry, physiology,ecology, molecular biology, evolution and clinical aspects of parasites, including the relationship of the host to these parasites.As a biological discipline, the scope of parasitology is not determined by the organism or environment in question but by their way of life. This means it forms a synthesis of other disciplines, and draws on techniques from fields such as cell biology, bioinformatics, biochemistry, molecular biology, immunology, genetics, evolution and ecology .In parasitology, parasites have been restricted mainly to three major groups named protozoa, helminths and  arthropods. However, they are also classified based on where they are located on the host,they are: Ectoparasites - parasites that live on the host- skin/outer surface of the host and endoparasites - parasites that live inside the body of the host.One of the largest fields in parasitology, medical parasitology is the subject that deals with the parasites that infect humans, the diseases caused by them, clinical picture and the response generated by humans against the action of parasites . It is also concerned with the different methods of their diagnosis, their treatment and finally their prevention & control measures. A parasite is an organism that lives on or within another organism  generally known as the host.    

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