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 A major goal of change of location pharmacological medicine is to spot adverse chemical effects and confirm whether or not they square measure preserved or divergent across experimental systems. change of location pharmacological medicine encompasses assessment of chemical toxicity across multiple life stages, determination of virulent mode-of-action, procedure prediction modeling, and identification of interventions that shield or restore health following virulent chemical exposures. The zebrafish is more and more employed in change of location pharmacological medicine as a result of it combines the genetic and physiological benefits of class models with the higher-throughput capabilities and genetic mobility of invertebrate models. Here, we tend to review recent literature demonstrating the ability of the zebrafish as a model for addressing all four activities of change of location pharmacological medicine. vital information gaps and challenges related to victimisation zebrafish for change of location pharmacological medicine also are mentioned, several fatal overdoses (68%) had illicit substances with none prescription opioids. • Few fatal overdoses had constant prescription gift that they were prescribed. • Around half all fatal overdoses had a corresponding medicament history. • Prescription and pharmacological medicine information square measure helpful in distinguishing drug use patterns.

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