Molecular Medicine

 Sub-atomic Medicine is an open access diary distributing late discoveries that clarify infection pathogenesis at the sub-atomic or physiological level, which may prompt the structure of explicit apparatuses for illness analysis, treatment, or counteraction. Original copies containing material pertinent to the hereditary, sub-atomic, or cell premise of key physiologic or illness forms are considered for distribution. Original copies submitted to Molecular Medicine ought to depict the ramifications of the outcomes for human sickness and medication, at a level receptive by our wide crowd.


For quite a long time, we atomic scholars have been asserting in our award recommendations that the result of our exploration will affect medication. This has been practically obvious—an innocent exaggeration. Realizing how a cell reacts to an outer boost is unquestionably significant for anyone wishing to fix a sickness in which that improvement has a job. In any case, actually, our work for the most part stops at any rate one stage before the truth of the facility. Our essential intrigue is in the age of new information, and we accept that this information will at that point definitely make other, progressively obvious advantages.


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